UpCloud is a European cloud service provider offering fast and reliable cloud platform with 100% uptime SLA from twelve locations around the world: Amsterdam, Chicago, Frankfurt, Helsinki, New York City, London, Madrid, San Jose, Singapore, Sydney and Warsaw. Formed in 2012, UpCloud is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

UpCloud started offering managed databases in June 2021, making it one of the newest entrants to the market. They launched with MySQL and PostgreSQL and plan to launch Redis in 2022.

Some of the key features of UpCloud’s platform include:

  • High-performance virtual servers: UpCloud’s virtual private servers are designed for high performance, with dedicated resources and fast storage.
  • Flexible configurations: UpCloud allows users to configure their virtual servers with custom CPU, RAM, and storage options, as well as custom network configurations.
  • Scalability: UpCloud’s platform allows users to easily scale their virtual servers up or down as needed, with support for automatic scaling based on resource usage.
  • Reliability: UpCloud’s platform is built on top of enterprise-grade hardware and infrastructure, with automatic failover and redundancy built in to ensure high availability.
  • Easy deployment: UpCloud provides a simple and intuitive interface for deploying and managing virtual servers in the cloud, with support for multiple operating systems and pre-configured application stacks.

In addition to virtual private servers, UpCloud also offers infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions, including load balancers, storage, and network services.