About this Calculator

This is an estimation tool only. Your actual bill could be very different.

To use this calculator, choose a database engine and change the input sliders at the top. As you make changes, the grid of results at the bottom will be refreshed. These are the fields you can change to represent your minimum requirements:

  • vCPU: number of logical cores, between 0.5 and 64 (logarithmic).
  • Memory: gigabytes of memory (RAM) needed (logarithmic).
  • Storage: gigabytes of disk storage needed for each node or replica.
  • Network Egress: gigabytes of data that will leave the provider’s datacenter.
  • Replicas: number of nodes total in your database cluster.
  • Commitment: number of months you can commit and prepay for service, which can give substantial discounts.

The results returned represent the lowest price matching plan for each provider product. If a provider has multiple regions, there will be a dropdown. Use it to choose the region of the datacenter you will likely use, and this could affect the final price and ranking.

When there are multiple matching products for a provider and the collapse providers toggle is on, then only the lowest cost matching product for each provider is displayed. To show all matching products, turn off collapse providers.

This calculator is meant as an estimation tool to give you a general idea of the relative costs for each DBaaS provider. We periodically gather pricing data from various providers into a single database. Some of it is manually entered, other data is imported in a semi-automated fashion. We’ve done our best to present this information accurately and fairly, but there are various reasons why these estimates or comparisons could diverge from reality, such as:

  • The prices or regional availability may have changed since the last import.
  • There could be an error during data import or conversion, or a bug in the calculator itself.
  • We might have fundamentally misunderstood how a particular provider’s pricing works.
  • We only have partial or missing data, such as which regions a service is available in.
  • There is not an industry agreement on units of measure (especially “vCPU”).
  • We estimate 730 hours in a month, but not every month has the same number of hours.

Here are specific details of each DBaaS provider in this calculator:

Aiven: plans are imported from the service_types API endpoint. Products have been artificially split apart so they may be compared between provider clouds in un-collapsed mode, but this is causing some problems with region selection. It’s possible that storage overages are not imported correctly.

AWS: Lightsail plans are available, but only Single-AZ plans are included for RDS and Aurora, Multi-AZ (read replicas) pricing is not yet available. Pricing assumes general-purpose SSD storage and no upfront payment for reserved instances.

Azure: the single server plans have been imported from the pricing API. We do not yet have the Flexible or Hyperscale (Citus) products. Pricing for 1 and 3-year reservations differs slightly from the Azure calculator, possibly because of how we calculate hours per month.

DigitalOcean: they recently announced a price increase, so this calculator reflects prices as of July 2022. We made some educated guesses on the network egress allowance based on equivalent droplets.

ElephantSQL and Heroku: they do not publish the CPU for each product tier or network egress limits or overage fees. Since these values aren’t available, the calculator can’t provide a full picture. this calculator is limited to allow only one region at a time per product. If you embrace’s unique global replication, your true network egress will likely be different.

GCP: only including CloudSQL PostgreSQL and MySQL dedicated plans for 1 and 2 replicas, although more read replicas are technically possible. Storage assumes SSD, egress assumes not using Cloud Interconnect. Shared-core and Redis plans are not yet available.

Linode and UpCloud: although these providers offer service in many regions, there doesn’t appear to be any price or availability difference. To keep the database smaller, region data is not included.

MongoDB Atlas: only the “Dedicated” product pricing is available, Serverless and Shared pricing is not included. The price listed is the “base price” from their pricing page which is the cost for the N. Virginia (us-east-1) region. This implies that other regions are more expensive, but those specific regional adjustments and network egress charges are not publicly available.

ScaleGrid: plans not yet available.