I’m Barnabas Kendall, this is my project.

DBaaS Review is intended to be a neutral resource to showcase and compare database-as-a-service (DBaaS) providers. It started in 2019 as a personal research project. At the time this was my thinking:

This page is an effort to compare DBaaS vendors for hosting a PostgreSQL database for my personal projects. My focus is on these smaller side-project type deployments (< $50/month or so), not giant enterprise-level clusters.

I figured it was time to spin this off as a separate informational site for several reasons:

  1. My original focus on smaller PostgreSQL deployments was fairly narrow. If I’m going to keep this resource updated, I might as well include other database engines.
  2. There was a steadily increasing amount of traffic, demonstrating interest in this growing market.
  3. It was time for a rewrite for the calculator. The client-side Vue component embedded in a VuePress page works fine for a basic demo, but the pricing matrixes and logic was not maintainable.

Technical Info

This site is currently: