Linode (a portmanteau of the words Linux and node) was founded by Christopher Aker, launching in mid 2003. Linode opened its first data centers in Fremont, California, and Dallas, Texas in 2003. It subsequently opened data centers in Atlanta in 2007; Newark and New Jersey in 2008; London in 2009; Tokyo in 2011 and 2016; Frankfurt and Singapore in 2015; and Toronto, Mumbai, and Sydney in 2019. In 2022, Akamai Technologies announced that they had acquired Linode for approximately $900 million.

Linode’s Akamai Connected Cloud’s managed database offerings are designed to provide a simple and flexible solution for deploying and managing databases in the cloud. These offerings include:

  • Managed PostgreSQL: This is a fully managed relational database service for PostgreSQL. It provides automated backups, point-in-time recovery, and automatic security updates. Linode’s Managed PostgreSQL can be scaled up or down with ease, and users can choose the amount of storage they need.
  • Managed MySQL: This is a fully managed relational database service for MySQL with similar attributes to Managed PostgreSQL.
  • Managed Redis: This is a fully managed in-memory data store service for Redis. It provides high performance and low latency for caching and real-time applications.

Akamai has made a big effort to rebrand Linode, but the old Linode logo is too cool to take down and I’m not ready for it yet.