Linode launches managed databases

Following their recent acquisition by Akamai, Linode announced their entry to the DBaaS market with their Managed Database open beta in March, followed only a month later by the official launch press release. As of this moment, the managed databases landing page still has some “beta” wording but the pricing page seems to be complete. As far as I can tell from the documentation, currently MySQL 8.0 and 5.7 are the only supported engines, but PostgreSQL, Redis, and Mongo are planned.

It was already possible to launch a variety of database engines on Linode through their marketplace, so you may be wondering what’s the big deal. A blog post titled ”Understanding Managed vs. Unmanaged Database Deployments” made the distinction clearly and enumerated the tradeoffs in an even-handed way.

Congratulations to Linode! They will be added to our provider matrix and pricing calculator ASAP.