June site updates

A few things have been improved in the last few weeks.

GCP dedicated plans were added to the calculator. Even though GCP uses a completely different calculation model (you can essentially mix and match an arbitrary amount of CPU and RAM) the pricing models still work, so that was exciting.

MongoDB Atlas and UpCloud plans were added to the calculator because they were very straightforward. We’re currently tracking 12,376 different plans. Adding AWS RDS plans is a high priority, but daunting. That said, there are certain kinds of products that aren’t really comparable and may never be included in the calculator.

The calculator usability was improved to “collapse providers” by default, so that if there is more than one product match for a particular provider, then only the lowest price option is shown.

Finally, I have added a new sponsor page. If you’re in a position to sponsor, great! If not, at this point getting the word out would also be helpful. Thank you.