Aiven and AWS pricing available

I was able to successfully integrate pricing data from Aiven and AWS this week. Plan count is an imperfect metric, but we’ve gone from tracking 12,376 plans last week to 25,210 plans this week, more than double. In the database that powers the calculator, a “plan” is a single row that contains a combination of dimensions that contribute to a monthly price estimate.

I reached out to Aiven to get help with their pricing API and the person who responded was very helpful. To Aiven’s credit, they provide their pricing data through a public API endpoint without authentication.

AWS has two ways to retrieve pricing data, a bulk API which doesn’t require authentication and a query API that does. I decided to use the bulk API. Two “offer” JSON files were downloaded and transformed: AmazonRDS for the database instance and storage prices and AWSDataTransfer for the regional network egress prices. I’d link to them but they’re enormous. Right now only Single-AZ plans have been imported so the calculator will only show RDS and Aurora pricing if the replicas field is 1.

Now that the data import for Aiven and AWS is automated, it should be relatively easy to keep them updated. This data enables new analysis, such as this chart of network egress prices for AWS regions:

chart of network egress prices by AWS region